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lookin' good

Finally an eBook reader I can really get behind: Amazon Kindle

It's lightweight, easy to use, connected, readable in any light where you can read a regular book.  I'd be happier if it were a little bit more affordable, but hopefully that will come over time.  I suspect without proof that the life-time data subscription has to be a big chunk of the cost, and possibly the cots for what I believe is the underlying patent, originally owned by MIT.  I read about this patent and research several years ago, and believed it to be the most likely path forward for readable ebooks.  

Go see for yourself:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FI73MA/?tag=httpwwwpain03-20

lookin' good

ooma's "Distributed Termination" == a little scary and creepy...

So, they tout their service as free...but when you keep your land-line, you're giving them the right to make outgoing calls from your line.

Then there's the scary part--they claim that this is as secure as any land-line service and that they [somehow] "thwart" efforts by customer at the termination point from listening in on your calls.

It's funny, when someone set this up for international "peer-to-peer" faxing, many, many moons ago, I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. This was in the heady days of dial-up networking, when even having a "fax modem" was pretty cool tech.