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A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life

The ecstatic ramblings of HappyPete

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Peter 'Happy' Thomas
80's music, abortion rights, amateur radio, arisia, asimov, ayn rand, books, bujold, c++, camping, capclave, carl sagan, certification, chess, children, chocolate, cisco, civil rights, civilian space program, clarke, communication, compersion, computer games, computers, concealed carry, cons, conventions, corsets, cuddling, dark chocolate, darkover, david brin, dim sum, ditherati, douglas adams, drum circles, dune, erotic art, erotica, eroticism, exercise, exhibitionism, fan conventions, fandom, fans, fantek, fatigue, fiction, flirting, flying, four quarters, functional programming, geeks, group marriage, handfasting, haskell, hedonism, heinlein, honesty, ice cream, individual rights, individualism, intellectual stimulation, intelligence, intelligent people, intentional community, isaac asimov, it's academic, jersey, kisses, kissing, larry niven, le guin, libertarian party, libertarians, liberty, limited government, line marriage, linux, lois mcmaster bujold, lojban, long hair, love, marriage, mathematics, mccaffrey, men, monty python, multiple partners, nanobots, nanotechnology, nesting, nests, new authors, new york city, nj, non-monogamy, northern new jersey, nudity, nyc, openmindedness, pagans, parenting, passion, physics, pizza making, play, playfulness, polyamory, privacy, pro-choice, programming, psi upsilon, ray bradbury, reading, reading books, redhat, redheads, relationships, robert heinlein, rum, running, science fiction, science fiction conventions, scuba, scuba diving, sensuality, sex, sexuality, sleep apnea, sleeping, snuggling, sons, space, space exploration, space travel, spaceships, string theory, surprises, syringomyelia, systems engineering, tjhsst, unitarian universalism, unix, voyeurs, weight watchers, women, worldcon

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