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Exercise and injury updates...

So I called my friend Dave S., who washed out of OTS for medical reasons due to a crappily treated Achilles tendon injury. Anyway, long story short, I may have given myself tendonitis.

So today, in addition to Aleve and stretching, I took his advice and switched to the stationary bike...I find it much more boring, frankly, but on the other hand it puts less stress on the Achilles...I'll do that for a week and see if the ole' tendon is back to normal. So, today 30 min. at cardio target range (75% to 85% of MHR), 6.74 miles. 13.5 mph average speed...bikes are much faster than speed-walking, eh?

Any-hoo, did some crunches and bench-presses after that.

Down-side: after a week or so now, I guess I'm building enough endurance that I can work up a good sweat while staying at the target HR...good, b/c it means I'm getting more work out of the bod for the same number of ticks of the ticker, bad, because if I keep this up I'm going to have to start showering after my workouts, which will be a time hit.

Anyway, dear and gentle readers, I will not let a silly sore tendon or muscle deter me!

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