Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

one difference...

I was watching Challenger, and knew at once something was wrong, horribly wrong.

This time, I heard on NPR that the expected communication had not resumed...I incorrectly assumed that it was a late reacquisition from the ionospheric radio black-out...and late acquisitions happen...

I went on about my business, rushing Quinn into his swimming lesson, only giving it a second thought--but really being in too much of a rush to drop everything.

I guess that's the difference now--I have my obligation to Pam's and my son...that his life go on.

He is very empathic...he knows that something is wrong and that I am saddened. I'm explaining that yes, I'm sad...that something bad has happened. But that I'll be okay.

And I will.

And so will he.

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