Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Book Pam ordered...

Just arrived from Amazon...trying to figure out if this is the book that Pam's been toying with writing, already written, or whether she has something valid and valuable to add to the body of knowledge in system and network administration.

At first look, it's pretty comprehensive. I think its author, yesthattom, is a kindred spirit...just looking at one of the points in the introduction "Use a Trouble-Ticket System" suggests we're in fundamental agreement...that's one of the first things I insist on and implement in any new administration environment. I've used everything from a white board to COTS enterprise solutions--but no matter what, you must keep track of the incidents you are responding to in some organized way, or you will just end up living your life by the crisis of the moment.

Anyway, Pam has a reward and a goody waiting for her when she gets home...w00t!

Pam and Quinn getting home will be my reward and goody.

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