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Switching to semagic client and news from Pam...

I think I like it just for the three LJ tag hot-keys alone...

It also seems a little more flexible in general.

Having great holiday. Last night, prettypammie's mom and her mom's boyfriend came over, and again this morning. My cousin Daniel and his wife Ashley also came over. Dan and Ashley bought Quinn a Brio train set, which Quinn ADORES...he played trains at least once with every adult in the house--which means that he has done little else but play with trains.

He also played an adorable game of catch with everyone, directing who was to catch the ball next (including when it was his turn).

I think he loved turning the tables and being the one in charge, even if it was just a game. I think I may take the example of nnnymph's mommy and daddy and set up a shared journal for Quinn news and notes.

prettypammie continues to be wiped out, but she is recovering. Pam's post, linked here since it was buried down in a comment thread in my journal.

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