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ASL meetups, kids, and dogs!

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Poor prettypammie was feeling a bit sick [“… and tired!”] last night, so Q, N, & I went off to the Western Fairfax Silent Supper without her.  The organizer, David, has done a great job.  A lot of Meetup groups that I’ve looked into seem to be virtual entities—people who talk about meeting up, but don’t actually do it.  This is not the case here—we filled a long table, and even had a couple of satellite tables that I didn’t realize at first were part of the group.  One such had a 15-month old cute little girl who is at the 97th percentile in height.  N, of course, is 26 months and 5th percentile--so they were close to the same size!   N had a blast—she signed a fair amount, and also rejoiced in shouting out every sign someone made that she recognized.  Q was a bit more shy and reserved, content to chat a little bit with hearing [hearing, ASL student] neighbor, Kerri, reading The Hobbit and eating  his dinner.  He’s not quite as willing as I am to embarrass myself by signing incorrectly; if he can’t do it right, he doesn’t want to do it—at least not in public. 

The kids impressed, as they always do.  I think the sight of a 10-year-old devouring a book like that surprised and pleased many of the diners.  I guess I’m so used to him reading hours every day [and I was no different] so I’m just used to it.  I realized, though, that when I see kids in public these days they aren’t reading a book. They are generally head-down in a DS or PSP or some other such gadget.

Anyway, poor Pam got paged in to work at 6 PM, so even if she had come with us, she would have had to run off to work, anyway.  Of course, she would have been really close to work from the dinner.  The joys of wearing a pager.  Pam’s emergency ended just about as I was fighting N back into the car seat for the trip home.  I figured the kids would be asleep by the time we got home, so I brought them over to Pam’s office for a quick kiss goodnight before we all headed home.  We got everyone in bed at a reasonable hour—even me, if you consider just after 11 reasonable.  [The siren call of World of Warcraft called me before bed].

This morning, N fed the dogs.  At this point, both Jack and Grace sit at her command without any backup from me.  They wait very patiently as she fills each bowl, scoop by scoop, and then—at her command—they eat.  It used to be that she’d call out, “eat,” and they’d look at me for confirmation.  Now it’s all her.  Not bad for a 2-year-old, right?  When they’re done, they come back to the crates at her recall—though not as crisply—and go in their crates on her command.  Our impressive little girl!  Q got all the dishes loaded in the dishwasher…almost…and then took the dogs down the hill to release the chickens, since mom and dad were being a bit slow to get dressed and moving.

Great kiddos; keepers, both!

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