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How to get to the house at Tumble Rock Farm - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
August 20th, 2010
10:43 pm


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How to get to the house at Tumble Rock Farm
I was feeling a bit silly tonight as I described to a friend how to get to [info]prettypammie's and my house here at Tumble Rock Farm.

Putting [our address] into the map program or GPS device of your choice will get you to the driveway entrance.

From there, go to the 1st turn of the driveway, turn right. You will go through 3 gates, one or more of which may be closed. The 1st will
be open. The second, if closed, can be opened with a push-botton. Check to make sure that a chain is not securing the gate leaves
together--if it is, you'll have to open it first and then hit the button. If there is a chain around the gate, be most watchful for ornery horses that might want to make a break for it. It will close automatically after 15 seconds open, but if chained will need to be re-chained.

The next gate has malfunctioned [grrr], so the push-button doesn't work. If it's closed, you have to get out, open the chain, prop the barn-side gate open with the provided board, and proceed.

Again, if that gate was chained, 'ware horses and close it behind you.

Now that I've scared you about the gates, I'll do my best to make sure that they're open and you have a clear path up!

Bear right towards where the trailer is parked. There are two options to get to the house--a less steep driveway that goes to the basement
and a steep one that goes to the main level.

I recommend the former unless you are feeling daring. If you're going to go for the higher altitude option, get some speed up coming around the hairpin turn after the trailer. Otherwise you may get to practice backing down the steep driveway when you get stuck half-way up.

Yes! Getting to our house is an adventure...just think about when it snows!

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