Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Worst "stomach flu" ever!

Poor @prettypammie! Darn you viral gastroenteritis. Darn you all to heck. Oh, and also thank you so much for the 2nd and 3rd times emergency vehicles have had to make their way to our place in 2010. Dear readers, did you know that the "stomach flu" could make you puke so badly that you fall to the ground, nigh unconscious? Okay, well c1 probably did, but I didn't. When you are dragged out of bed to the sound of your wife calling "I'm fainting!" 911 is pretty quick.

I had the presence of mind to explain to the dispatcher that if they sent a fire truck, it should come no further than the barn, as the melting and soaking rains have turned our driveway into a gravel-coated vehicle-eating mud pit.

Coming on the heels of the previous night where Pam got dragged in to work at 0-dark-30 for what turned out to largely be a false alarm, and we are both feeling like bottle, pickled death.
Tags: in sickness

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