Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Let's hear it for the Google Boys [and Girls, of course]

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“Hi guys I just wanna put to plug in for Google Boys I just hold a 4 way conference call with Google Boys it's incredibly simple what happened is there's people just call your Google Boys number first person called and it's just like a normal call when the second person and subsequent people call you've get the call waiting for you when you flash over the call waiting you can take the call with one but if you do then conference call you hit 5 and the minutely(?) drops the new call but added to the original call and now you're the freeway conference next person calls in you get a call waiting list you flash over you hear that it's person on the other conference call you hit 5 now you're in a 4 bay conference and currently you can do this for up to 4 callers so you gathered 5 numbers conference no access codes no secret voice prompts it's just they call your regular number and your conference come in and it happens at seconds and it's extremely huge so anyway just thought I would make that plug and let you know that I tried it, it works it's simple and free and I ___ love with it I loves you my Google boys. So thank you Google if you're listening.”

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