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HPTi wins 2009 American Business Ethics Award in the mid-sized company category

Everyone, I think you all know how proud I am of the work my firm, HPTi, does. In an age where another story about corruption or greed seems to break daily, HPTi stands out as a firm that stands by its word. We do this not only by honoring our explicit contractual obligations, but also by following a moral and ethical mandate: through our work for their government, our efforts should improve the safety and prosperity of our fellow citizens.

In that spirit, I'm pleased to report that we have just earned another recognition of our firm's ethical grounding. I'm re-posting the e-mail below with the permission of our CEO and Co-Founder, Tim Keenan:

From: Keenan, Timothy
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 7:54 AM
To: Keenan, Timothy
Subject: Bi-Weekly Gram

In this communication, I try to explain various aspects of the corporate strategy, vision, internal and external brand promises as well as update you on events within the firm. If there is a specific topic that interests you please relay it to me and I’ll try and get you an answer or maybe make it the subject of one of these messages. Thanks, Tim

Good Ethics Equal Good Business

“Relativity applies to Physics, not Ethics”
…Albert Einstein
HPTi, I was just notified by formal letter that HPTi has been named as the 2009 American Business Ethics Award winner for the mid-sized company category. The letter from the Foundation for Financial Services Professionals said, “Your Company stood out in a field of very strong contenders”. Basically, when we won the National Capital Business Ethics Award our entry was submitted to this national competition and we carried the day. To be named the national Business Ethics Award winner means that an independent judging panel rated our business practices and programs the top ethical programs and practices in the entire nation. Wow, wow and wow again. As one of the founders and President of this firm I could ask for no award that would mean more to me and make me more proud than this recognition. To be known for doing business the right way in these troubled times when so many have faltered and caused such pain for our nation is a true recognition of the values for which HPTi stands. At my age there aren’t many situations where I call my parents and tell them about an award but I did call about this one. One in which they clearly had a role in instilling the core values in me.

In this day and age it is rare to get recognized for doing the right thing. You are much more likely to get attention for falling down than standing out, but when a moment like this comes along you must stop and bring attention to the people that made it happen…you. I would like to take that moment and recognize you the HPTi team, “HPTites” that every day treat people like they ought to be treated, work with customers in a highly ethical manner and work with our subcontractors and vendors in the manner we would wish to be treated. When we stumble (yes, we stumble) it is very visible by comparison but, we act in an accountable manner and make the situation right by our partners.

I have been saying for many years that we do not seek perfection in our actions because we are human but we do strive for excellence. Many of us are reminded daily of our humanity but, that is not a barrier to excellence but a reminder that there is still work to do. Just as this award is not the end of our journey but a milestone in our quest to build the best firm in America. The firm to which we aspire is one that the best people aspire to join because the environment offers the best opportunities for their careers and is supportive of their needs as human beings.

So, I would say to you that we have taken a strong step to that goal with this recognition of our ethics programs and practices. This recognition along with others is independent feedback from the industry that we are employing best practices and in some cases leading that cause. We can all be very proud of this milestone in our journey to excellence. HPTi is indeed a very good company, but that is not enough we have built a culture that wants to be great and to achieve that goal we still have work to do. I look forward to that work and to working with you as we build the best company in America. Thank you for being the people you are and for conducting HPTi’s business in the highest rated ethical manner. Congratulations on the American Business Ethics Award.

Timothy P. Keenan
CEO and Co-Founder

2008 National Capital Business Ethics Award Winner
2009 U.S. Senate Productivity Quality Award Medallion Winner
CMMI Level 3 SCAMPI A Assessed


  • Great Team - We work with bright, driven, and creative people
  • Mutual Respect - We respect members of the team and the value of their contribution
  • Career Focus - We invest in our team members' careers as they invest and grow within the firm
  • Client Commitment - We make a difference for and through our clients
  • Integrity - Our word is our commitment
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