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New item in grill repertoire: Short Ribs

Recipe Source;  ancient dog-eared Joy of Cooking
Meat: Courtesy of our friends at Hillandale Farm [via Gore's for butchering]
Barbecue Sauce:  Extremely skeptical Q decided he would try it after I told him the main flavorings were catchup and brown sugar.  After trying it, he decided he loved it.

Difficulty level:  extremely simple in terms of preparation [boil water, simmer meat, mix sauce ingredients together, grill, and baste].  Only complexity is in pre-planning...because short ribs are "very cartilaginous" you have to seriously pre-cook the meet to make it tender.  The grilling is more to heat the meat through and make that sauce all yummy [caramelization, I suppose, is the culinary term?]

In any event, the meet itself was quite tasty, but I'm wondering if I should have trimmed the fat off before starting the cooking process.  There was a LOT of fat to cut off.  [Very healthy steer, indeed].

Pam claimed to like it a great deal, but I suspect part of that may be a desire not to discourage me from cooking.

In other news W and the kids are back to finish their mad rush to pack their belongings out of our barn and into their trailer.  They are heading back to TN in time for a big Fourth of July event. Even as hectic as its been for them trying to get everything done on a tight timeline, we've still truly enjoyed getting to see them again.
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