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Voice Post - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life — LiveJournal [My Flickr Photos]
April 13th, 2009
06:09 pm


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Voice Post
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“So after posting the brain surge a proposed joke where you asked your phone to retrieve a memory from your brain and display relevant results from your phone(?) which is just wonderful. It got me thinking about application that's ___ and I'm sure that someone has thought about this. So anyone who has done web albums with Google recently noticed that they they added the ability if you need to to tag your photos and you could also make photos and they're tagged public. Well the photo and the and the tag that you yourself uploaded in the public would arguably be eligible for searching now and they give you the ability to opt out from get back to the searching. So what's the next step? You see the hot MOAs(?) in the bar and you're too chicken to like actually walk up and talk to them or maybe you can apply to get your intelligence gathered first. So you snap a picture with you camera and you put it into Google FR(?) and says yeah that is Jane Doe and here's her journal and here's her myspace page. Here's her Facebook page. Here's pictures of her out on Google. Yup that's her. Ok well go and have fun find out all the stuff you wanted out. Send her a message. Hey here's her phone number. Now I'm getting a little bit crazy but it's possible if they ought to be practical on some applications.”

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Date:April 17th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)


I need your cellphone numbers. Can you e-mail them to me? What time do you want us to get there on Thursday?

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