Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Accident Journal

The attorney suggested I do this. I know I won't keep a paper journal, so here goes. The first few entries will be back-dates, but then I'll catch up to real time.

Rear-ended while stopped for oncoming traffic on Route 9. I was signaling left. In the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of lights coming fast in the rear-view. Just enough time to start taking my foot off the brake in preparation to maneuver. Pretty sure I instinctively tensed up. Quinn had no warning, whatsoever, as my yell was cut off by the collision. It was a hard hit, which threw us forward. My foot must have been slammed back down on the brake, because when I got out, I was hurting in three places, neck, small of my back, and right foot [focused at the site of the previous break, making me worried that the crash had reinjured it].

I threw on the flashers and pulled the car to the side of the road, the car that hit me did so as well. Two very rattled and apologetic young ladies got out. Quinn and I got out. Quinn claimed to feel completely fine. In retrospect, I think this is because he was securely strapped in a booster seat and his back and head were fully supported by the seat--and perhaps more importantly, because he was relaxed at the moment of impact, having had no warning whatsoever.

I ascertained that the driver and passenger of the other car did not appear seriously injured, despite extensive damage to the front of their car. Both of their airbags had deployed. The driver appeared rattled, but uninjured. Her passenger was holding her wrist. I'm wondering if she also had a split second of warning, just enough time to start to throw her hand up, in time for the airbag to blow it back.

The driver told me the car was a rental car, and she didn't know where the insurance information was. I had already planned to ask for a police report, but that cemented it.

i was about to figure out how to call for help, given that there is no cell-phone coverage, when Mr. Dunnigan of the Neersville Fire Department arrived. He triaged the situation as well, and at my request called the sheriff's department to take a report. The passenger refused his offer to call the EMTs over to check her out. When the sheriff arrived and took stock of the situation, Mr. Dunnigan left--only to return a few minutes later with the fire trucks: the sheriff took a look at the passenger, and insisted that the EMTs come to check her out.

prettypammie came to pick up Quinn and take him to the 4-H meeting to which he and I had been headed. Shortly after that, i was released after declining to have the EMTs check me out. The Sheriff's Deputy who took my statement released me, and told me that he was keeping the other driver there to cite her. I found out later when I received the report that the citation was for reckless driving, and the report said that she was travelling at 50 MPH, though I imagine that is an estimate--and perhaps high.

Damage to my car included the bumper being damaged and broken loose from some of it's bolts, the trunk lid pushed up, the right rear quarter panel crumpled slightly, and obviously some broken lights or electrical damage as I found out that one of the turn signals wasn't working.

For those that were asking, I've exported my "vlog" entry from FaceBook and uploaded it to LiveJournal's Scrapbook...hopefully you can see it below:

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