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Never forget to ask the universe for what you want...oh yeah, and your wife, too...

 So, here's the deal.  I sat down with prettypammie last night and explained what fandom is for me, in general, and what arisia in specific is.  Several times in the conversation she had to "make allowances for just not getting it."  [Which, I think, is Pam-speak for having empathy despite not really understanding].

In any event, to grossly oversimplify I'm an extrovert, and she's an introvert; I'm in fandom, she's a fan of science fiction.  While she will miss our many friends at arisia , the thought of not going wasn't nearly as hard on her as it was on me.  In trying to talk me down off the ledge, she proposed having all of you down here.  This is a marvelous idea.  So much so, that IIRC madbodger  made a contribution towards making it happen.  That said, trying to talk all of you down to our remote corner of exurban Northern Virginia is simply not the same thing as a con, especially not the con that I consider to be my "home convention."  In any event, she kept working on that "off the ledge" approach for a while, and finally acknowledged that I'd already jumped.  At that point, she moved briskly on to the business of placing nets.

After some frantic packing in the morning, Q and I are heading to Boston.  To keep the costs of the trip down, Q and I are going. Pam and N are staying home.  The two of us can forage more cheaply, and with Pam at home we don't have to hire a farm-sitter.  Friends with hotel rooms have offered us cheap crash space, and iuciddream offered to let us stay with their family in Somerville, even if I'm not bringing her childhood friend and the new baby along.

Lessons re-learned include:
  1. It's never too late to ask for what you really, truly, deeply want.
  2. [info]prettypammie is the best...wife...EVAR!
Time to finish packing.
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