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Customer service woes [emphasis added]

Dear [FSA & DCSA Provider] Customer Service:

I don’t see a bank account on my profile. I faxed in the direct deposit form in December, prior to the start of the plan year.

In addition, please verify that your supervisor or other management representative will call to explain why my FSA card was denied at the pharmacy tonight, and call again--if necessary—after the problem is resolved. Your first phone representative that I spoke to—[Name 1], I believe--said that she saw the problem and would fix it within ten minutes. Fifteen minutes later I called back, after having waited at the pharmacy only to have the card again be denied. Your second representative—[Name 2]—told me that the “fix” didn’t work because my card was not set up properly for FSA use. She went on to tell me that a “problem report” had been sent to “[your] software vendor.” [Name 2] seemed quite surprised at my request for a follow-up call when the issue was resolved. I had to repeat my request several times; I’m afraid I had to become somewhat insistent. She finally agreed to take my telephone number and told me that she would attempt to arrange a return call.

I can be reached here by e-mail, or by phone at [my phone number].


--Pete Thomas
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