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No drama like LJ community drama

rotte_volf posted some bizarre video to libertarianism. It annoyed me. Perhaps this it because it was narrated in a foreign language, on a generally English-speaking community, without any meaningful preamble or explanation. It didn't help that at first it looked like it was some sort of snuff film.

Apparently it, in fact, a performance-art protest piece. Regardless, it was out-of-context, seemed inappropriate, and it fundamentally bothered me. So I rated it one star--as is certainly my right--and flagged it as a possible "other dangerous acts" ToS violation for YouTube to review. Either YouTube's admins agreed with me--or, as several irate commenters suggested--they don't even bother to validate content flaggging, and remove any video that is flagged.

In any event, it always amuses me when my fellow so-called libertarians confuse freedom with license. They get bonus points for decrying individual, non-coercive actions as censorship. I grant extra style points for ranting against me in broken English about how I am a nark [sic] responsible for the delation [sic] of their video.

Performance artists that spam communities, take heart, though: It's a big Internet. I'm sure there's a provider out there that will host your video for you.

[Gentle readers: feel free to metaquote this or repost it to your favorite snark or drama communities. I put on my flame-retardant long-johns this morning.]
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