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While everyone else is watching the end of the presidential race...

...I am finally getting to see the exit polls from California, withheld until the polls close.

This was a nailbiter, but if those polls hold true in the count, CA Proposition 8 will fall to a narrow defeat. What's so sad to me is that there are obviously a large number of people willing to vote for Barack Obama simultaneously willing to vote to write discrimination into California's constitution.

I'm going to stay up long enough to see the precinct counts start to come in.

owenthomas and gregorsf I hope my meager contribution to Equality California and the small number of e-mails I was able to write helped. The presidential election is for the next few years. I can only hope that Proposition 8 does go down to defeat and that legacy lasts for generations.

Nationally, there is still a battle yet to fight...across the country other referenda against marriage equality appear to have won in their states, as did a hateful measure against allowing same-sex couples to adopt.

One hard-fought victory at a time, we will get there.
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