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How to fight spam blogs on Blogger and BlogSpot

1) Set up an automated Google blog search "vanity alert" with your username.

2) When an alert comes in showing that someone has reposted one of your entries on a spam blog on Blogger or , follow the link. Important: As soon as you see the menu bar with the "Flag blog" link, hit escape. The bloggers use obfuscating stylesheets and redirects. If you don't hit escape right away, the "flag blog" option will disappear and you will be redirected to the spammers link-trap.

3) Click "Flag blog," choose the "spam" radio button option, and confirm your report.

One more spammer knocked down.

I would add "4) Complain to Google." Clearly their anti-spam measures and "Captchas" are not working, as I find several spam blogs unlawfully reposting entire entries from my blog every week.

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