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Chrome, first impressions

 I've used a lot of first-release browsers...and when I say this, consider that I was an early user of NCSA Mosaic in 1993...and several other would-be browsers before that.'s smooth.  It's fast.  It's intuitive.  It hasn't crashed on me yet.  I haven't found many broken pages on it yet, but I haven't tried really hard.

It will suffer some deficiencies inherent in being a new browser, namely:  sites that it could support won't work because the developers believe that since their site doesn't work in [insert one major browser here] that it can only work in [insert another major browser here].  Hopefully we'll get people to pressure their favorite sites into correcting these deficiencies.

I went through the comic strip adaptation of the architecture and design of the browser, and I have to say that I like the way that Google builds an application.  I wish more organizations did.  I love the fact that they use the universe of crawled pages, and GoogleRank to prioritize what sites they test against, and then hammer it with automated tests suites against them.

Even fuzz-testing...too cool...

Sadly, some of those password-protected sites such do indeed have problems.  USAA Deposit@Home believes that my browser is unsupported...but I suspect that it would work just fine if USAA would let it try.

Oh, process-isolation to ensure complete memory reaping and to allow us to debug naughty scripts and putting plug-ins in jails...awesome...that's just great smart stuff.

Keep it up, Google...not only is Chrome "not evil," I think it's really, really good!

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