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My personal anti-harassment policy

I consider myself a member of the Gentleman's Auxiliary. If we are at a convention--or anywhere--and I see that you are being harassed, troubled, creeped-out, bullied, abused or in any way inappropriately treated by someone, I will get your back and provide whatever help you might need--or "back the play" of any person who comes to your aid first.

I heard of this effort through the Con Anti-Harassment Project, because someone mentioned on an arisian mailing list that Arisia was reported to have a well-articulated, comprehensive anti-harassment police published online and in the program book. Checking out the CAHP page led me to the OSWBEOU [Open Source Women Back Each Other Up] Project (& Gentleman's Auxiliary).

My participation is gender & orientation neutral. While I'd be a fool to not recognize that it is more likely that I might encounter a man harassing a woman. I will not stand idly by and let anyone be abused, no matter the gender of the aggressor or the victim.
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