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A little better today - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
August 17th, 2008
10:00 pm


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A little better today
Today, prettypammie, Q, and I accomplished:
  • We got rid of all that junk; all that junk, in our trunks that is [cars not yet cleaned and vacuumed]
  • Second de-wormer doses finally in to Con and Red, vaccines into Grimmy [the foal]
  • Cheap contractor thermostats replaced with programmables that will--I hope--pay for themselves quickly [plus it's easier on the environment not to heat and cool an empty house or one where all bodies are in beds]
  • Clean laundry sorted, put away; dirty launrdy washed and dried
  • Groceries and prescriptions acquired.
Where we were still full of fail:
  • Trash is still not out. I have to remember to rush out at 0-dark-30 to get the garbage to the curb.
  • Door to new coop is still not on. I had everything I needed except I couldn't find the little toolbox that had the coupler to hold the socket on to finish driving the lag screws in. I had my hands on said toolbox this morning finding the small screw bit to loosen and tighten the thermostat connectors and can't figure out where I put it down. Say it with me, now: "Yeeeaarrrgh!"
  • I did not challenge the pharmacist when they changed generic formularies on Pam. Apparently the new medicine is too big for her throat, even when split in two. Yee...freaking...arrgh.
In Olympics news: we watched some.

In ongoing fail news: I may have blogged that last weekend I took a bad bounce while showing off what good retrievers Grace and Jack are [they are quite the impressive retrieving water dogs, and I love J&W for giving me dogs like I always wanted to have]. In any event, I started to land in much the same way as I did receiving the original break...a little bit sideways, specifically. At least this time I didn't try to twist my way out of it. I was also going more forwards than sideways and backwards. I was also not tipsy. So, in total, I really just gave it a good "yank" before recovered my balance and getting my other foot under me. Nevertheless, that was enough. It's been hurting a little ever since. Yes, I know I should go back to the orthopedist...I've just been wearing my brace and trying to be carefu to see if it will settle back down without further intervention. The only further intervention I think likely is surgery, and another 6-10 weeks of layup. This I cannot afford right now.

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