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We got by with a lot of help from our friends - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
August 11th, 2008
10:43 am


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We got by with a lot of help from our friends
Chicken behind chicken wire in a hen houseImage via Wikipedia
Reblogged" from prettypammie 's journal, via Zemanta:
gonzy317 and family came over [Saturday].</a></b></a>gonzy317's husband, J, and  happypete finished the fence, poured the concrete floor in Q's chicken coop, and did I don't know what else, but the concrete floor (with drain!) was amazing and a huge feat for one day!! They came in after dark sweaty and concrete-spattered and very hungry and thirsty. 
sew_200ecame over Saturday and cleaned pretty much the entire house, which was very challenging because of all the clutter and dirt I haven't been able to keep up with (2 ADD boys, one farm, one pregnant lady...)
[Yesterday] blueingenue came over and helped  happypetepick up manure. There were many wheelbarrows!
I have so many people in my life who just rock.



Zemanta Pixie

[BTW:  The coop pictured is not ours--just something picked up by Zemanta's reblog feature]

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