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This is of Q and his Uncles owenthomas and gregorsf.  At the start of this trip, we also got to have a too-brief, but nice visit with Uncle Jeremy, in Williamsburg.

Tonight the Uncles and I went out to see The Love Guru.  We give this movie about 3 out of 10.  Owen or Greg dubbed it "Aggressively terrible."  My verdict was that it's actually better to see it in the theater, and that if I rented it or bought the DVD, that I would somehow feel cheated.  Our guess is that this movie was pitched to the Hollywood execs like this:  "It'll have Mike Meyers in it.  It's going to be like Austin Powers, except in this one the hero will be a love guru, and the villain will be a hockey player.  Can haz many millions of dollars?  Kthxbai!"

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