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A useful application of Semantic Technologies and NLP

Something that integrates more organically into abstract "readables" [blogs, feeds, etc.] and removes "meme" content that you have previously indicated you don't care for--preferably implicitly1 [i.e. by never replying to it, posting it yourself, etc.]--and make it stop appearing in future, even when slightly tweaked by variations in presentation and copy-and-paste corruption or bit-rot.

This is not a dig on any who have recently posted this meme--because I love you all well--but you should know that I do not pass my eyes over any blog posts. It would not only risk scratching my cornea, but also would, I believe, leave smeary tear-streaks on the screen.

1 I say implicitly, because in my ideal world I would not even have to give uninteresting content the "time of day." Why should I have to explicitly state my disinterest in something? Interest should be gauged by my actions--either that I took some action related to that content such as commenting on it, clicking through a link in it, etc. [or yes, even indicating by some sort of rating that I was interested.]
Tags: lj suggestions, memes, semantic technology

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