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We received our Dulles Greenway Cash Back Bonus checks

Vehicle One--Greenway miles: 6286; Tolls: $1,324.55; Cash back level reached 5%; Cash back $66.23.
Vehicle Two--Greenway miles: 6238; Tolls: $1,525.15; Cash back level reached 7.5%; Cash back $114.39

Nice to have the checks in hand--but it certainly brings it home when you see the twelve months of Greenway tolls paid all at once. [Then: count in toll road tolls, gasoline, gasoline taxes, registration, insurance, depreciation, maintenance, property taxes, and the like...pretty soon you're talking about real money].

p.s. it's my Birthday on 17 June...but thanks for all the good early wishes, regardless. I forgot to mention in my entry that the egg washer was an early birthday present. I think prettypammie was really tired of me using the dishwasher to rinse eggs.
Tags: driving, money, tolls

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