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Happy Early Birthday to me

Well, the big weekend-after-memorial-day party did not materialize. The finances just can't bear a party right now, and I didn't feel like "stone souping" it. I'm disappointed, but that's life. Current plan is for a Summer party in late July or early August.

My parents bought me [and Tumble Rock Farm] an Egg Washing kit for my birthday. The kit is a handy piece of "kitchen engineering." Essentially a plastic wash bucket with some vent holes, an egg carrying basket, with differently sized weighted disks to keep varying quantities of eggs from bouncing out, an air compressor with a hose attachment designed to discourage back-flow, a valve stem connected to a perforated metal pipe...oh, I could go on, but you get the idea. [Get your own at :) ].

While my parents are very creative in their gift-giving, it's not too hard to figure out that prettypammie instigated this particular gift. I get the feeling she didn't like finding feathers or eau-de-egg-debris in the dishwasher. So fussy.

On the plus side, as soon as we can find an affordable refrigerator [which is to say "as close to free as possible consistent with being in working condition"] the entire egg processing operation can be conducted in the barn.
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