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ZOMG so exhausted: A day in the life of a chicken farm

Pam, Quinn and I just put in a complete marathon effort. The entire day was almost entirely dedicated to getting the Summer Coop and free range enclosure built. We:
  • Met with our grading contractor to talk about getting some fixes done,
  • Met with our neighbor and an equestrienne acquaintance who will be helping the neighbors sell their horse,
  • Finished the hoops for the Summer coop,
  • Clipped up the horse wire,
  • Zip-tied on the post extensions,
  • Stapled on the deer netting and chicken wire above the horse wire,
  • Zip-tied on the chicken wire to the coop's hoops,
  • Tied up the tarp over the hoops with baling twine,
  • Dug post holes for the coop gate,
  • Built gates out of mixed "1-by" pieces, with stapled on chicken wire,
  • Hung the gates and installed latches ,
  • Shoveled out the gate entrances for free swing, and finally
  • Transferred 37 hens and 2 roosters to the production coop by flashlight.

Then the storm rolled in, as we hauled our tools back to the barn and scrambled up the hill for showers and baths

During this effort Quinn was a great help with fetch and carry, including running up to the house and fetching lemonade, snack bars, and yogurts when I started to fade.

We had a tremendously successful day accustoming the dogs to "these are MY birdiies, not yours," as they were on tie-out down with us between the old and new coop, and sat quietly through the entire transfer operation, including behaving themselves while eminently sniffable upside down chickens were carried right past them. Good dogs!
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