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knockin' it back - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life — LiveJournal [My Flickr Photos]
November 17th, 2002
04:14 pm


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knockin' it back
On CSC 540: Homework #8 (Storage Systems) is done...Still have to finish Project #2 (Memory Hierarchy). Project is due 11/26.

Final exam: not assigned yet. Will be handed out 11/26, due 12/9.

Portfolio status: a twinkle in my eye, little more. Due 11/25.

Graduation: will be in the D.C. area in February...

Poll #76234 Graduation

Should Pete go down to Virginia and take part in his Master's Degree commencement?


Why or why not?

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Date:November 17th, 2002 01:23 pm (UTC)


I think it would depend on what the actual date is, and what else might be happening around then.

If it's during the week, that would be a consideration as well.
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Date:November 17th, 2002 01:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Maybe...

Yeah...I think it's a Saturday.
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