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President Scudder Huckabee?

After seeing that presidential candidate meme put Huckabee near the top of my list, I felt unclean. For the record: I will never vote for that man. Luckily charlesks chimed in with a timely pointer to a post by a favorite author--both mine and Pam's--e_moon60. In it, she raises the cogent objection that one cannot both claim that "God's will" invalidates elements of the consitution and simultaneously swear to support and defend it. On another note, I hadn't even known that Elizabeth Moon had a blog until today.

Here's my reply to her:
Good day, Ms. Moon! I believe you've corresponded with my wife, prettypammie on an SFF horse newsgroup. I think this is the first time I've chimed in directly to you. [Gah...I feel like such a fanboy now: "Hi! I'm Pete! Long-time reader; first-time poster!" Okay. I'm over it.]

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who, on learning first that Huckabee was on the rise in the polls, and second that he is an evangelical christian, thought immediately of If This Goes On, and the Theocratic period of Heinlein's Future History. In fact, a quick search of the web suggests that I am not alone in noting the parallels.

I have loved Heinlein since I was a kid. I am always fascinated by how many of his speculative inventions and ideas have become reality. This is one instance, though, where I dearly hope that his stories can serve as warning instead of foresight.
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