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Why I love American Express Membership Rewards

Over the years, I have found that redeeming frequent flyer miles is next to impossible. The best discounted fares I could get for the whole family to Boston was $435 on JetBlue, and $443 on United [including their 10% discount promotion]. I didn't have enough miles in any one program to even get one free ticket. Even if I had enough for the "ante" frequent flyer reward, I'd probably find that those seats that cost the least points or miles were long-since snapped up, and I'd have to pay "double miles" to book.

Instead, I booked through AmEx. This results in a higher "gross fare," [both airline 3rd-party booking fees and AmEx's fee] but I could then immediately redeem--regardless of minimums or quotas--the nearly 20,000 Membership Rewards points we'd accumulated against the grand total, bringing the total family fare under $300.

We'll all earn United miles for the trip...but somehow I doubt we'll actually end up being able to ever redeem them.

I'm very thankful for end-of-year bonuses that mean Pam and I can attend both Arisia and the PA Horse Expo without feeling excessively guilty about the expense. In my ninth year with HPTi, and still loving it.

[Which thought brings me to a "plug:" Are you an IT professional holding or eligible to apply for at least a US Secret clearance? If so, <face emulation="kitten">"I can haz ur rezoomay?"</face> You can search to take a look at known immediate openings. If you're not eligible or looking for such a position, do you know someone that would be willing to be referred? Non-employees are eligible for our external referral program. A succesful hire from your recommendation is worth $500 to you even though you don't work for us!]

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