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Happy 10th Anniversary, prettypammie

I got her again!  We were at the Hillsboro Craft Fair, and she was ogling a butterfly wing [seriously!] necklace and earrings.  She put them back as "just too much!" "Ah-ha!" I say.  When I sensed that she's gotten herself deeply into a conversation with another vendor, a couple of rooms away, I excused myself to "go get a cup of cider."

A hasty and stealthy transaction conducted, and purchases buried deeply in another bag of things bought, we hied ourselves home.

Now...where to hide them for the two weeks prior to our anniversary.  I never know when Pam is going to go into some dusty little-used drawer looking for some long-lost thing or other.  I finally settled on a hidden-in-plain sight approach.  I tucked the boxes into one of the miscellaneous-boxes-of-stuff down in the basement.  We've both done so little to organize our belongings moved down from New Jersey that I'm convinced Pam no longer sees them as anything more than an amorphous mass of "stuff."  Two little boxes in a plastic bag in that sea of detritus would never even surface in her awareness.  Perfect!

Then, another problem...Pam's been urging me "earlier to bed."  A great thought, and one I endorse.  Except for last night.  I was exhausted, too, and kept wishing that she would please just pass out before I did.  Finally, her eyes close--wakeful breaths fade to somnolent sussurations.  I crept gently, gently down the stairs, lest I get yanked back with a sleepy "where are you going?"  I'd had my excuse prepared--except now I can't remember what it was.

Back up, up...lay the bag down outside the door and scope out whether she's still out.  Yes?  Okay...boxes out, and on the dresser where she always goes for her accessories in the morning.

My only regret is that it was a crazy morning; I was down at the barn feeding horses and then racing Quinn off to the bus, and so I didn't get to hear the "squee."  She seemed happy enough when I got back to the house, though.

Yes, yes, anniversaries and birthdays and holidays are not "about the stuff," but sometimes the process of getting and gifting the "stuff" is as enjoyable as the giving and having of it.

Hmmm...10 days from now is ten "year-and-a-days."  Since our wedding was also a handfasting, do we get to have two 10th anniversaries?  That would be fun!


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