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To everyone of you who received a Cardscan update requests--on your pager, your cell-phone, your mailing lists, your, well you name it, "I" sent it...I'm sorry. I should have known it would happen, and didn't take proper steps to prevent it.

I used to use CardScan AtYourServce (once called AccuCard) for updates, but I had deleted my card file. I currently use Plaxo to synchronize Outlook, GMail, LinkedIn, etc. I was deleting duplicates, and the Plaxo de-duper wasn't catching them all, so I decided to augment it with the CardScan client's de-duper to try to catch more.

When I closed CardScan, it prompted me to back up my file. Unfortunately, my previous preference for automatic update requests was still present on their web-site. When the back-up was loaded, CardScan went wild with the new data, sending out update requests to nearly everyone I've ever e-mailed, including their text-pager and SMS e-mail addresses, mailing lists, etc. For what it's worth, the only thing I thought I was doing based on the dialogs presented was backing up my records. Needless to say, I have since found and turned off the "auto-update request" option. If I can, I'm not only deleting my data, but also my "AtYourService" account. Needless to say, I don't feel like they are "at my service," or yours.

If you receive an update request at an inappropriate address, please follow the link provided to opt your address out. So long as noone else adds you, you are gone forever. [Sadly, from past experience I've learned that they disingenously claim that when another user of their service adds you to their system, that "cancels" your previous opt-out request]. I suspect that from past experience this is true even if I remove and then re-add you. [Say by deleting a file and then saving a new one]. According to their privacy policy, you may also send an e-mail to
Tags: automation gone wild, privacy, screwups

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