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Formatting prettypammie's thesis may kill me yet. We got the comments back from the Dean's office. There were many. The least difficult [as my styles and section breaks were already set up to relatively easily handle the change] is that the AU style guide uses two different meanings for the same word:
all pages are numbered at the top of the page within the 1¼ inch top margin
All charts, graphs, tables, and photographs must be mounted or printed within the specified margins

Note that the first "within" actually means outside the margin. I had dutifully paginated the thing so that the page numbers were at 1¼". Only on an equisitely careful re-reading could one discover that the pagination position is actually no less than 3/4" from the top of the page. Grumble.

The other things are worse. MS word does not have a "business rule" for table and figure positioning, especially with captions in the mix. I had to wrap every figure and table with their captions into separate text boxes, and then hand-jigger the margin, position, border, margin, and wrapping settings to get them to appear in the right places.

Arrrgh...and it take so long to get each one just right, that I'm still not done!

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