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RS, at least, will appreciate this...[if he wasn't in the audience when it was played]

A hat-tip to vvalkyri for the pointer.u[

I really need to get up to speed on what IPv6 is going to mean to those of us out on the "sharp end of the stick." Infrastructure gurus like RS have been thinking about it for a while...those of us who mostly live in hosts and apps instead of routers and switches are not so with it. I know that our customers have been pushing to purchase hardware and software that support IPv6, with varying degrees of success...but I really haven't seen any sort of plan to go to IPv6 addressing. I always get the feeling that the attitude is "it's great, but let's just let all those other people adopt it first."

I've got to ask the artist: "what's a 'rooter' anyway?" Is that the standard European pronunciation?
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