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Cool new feature -- so tell me your filters!

I don't know if you guys caught this, but there is a new feature that lets you back-read your own or other people's journals by security level. If LJ user "cool_gal" just added you to her "Super Sekrit Stuff" filter, you could back-read all of the entries she posted to that filter like so: .

Note that if you enter this in your browser's address bar you don't need the "plus signs" just enter it with the spaces. The right thing will happen. You can do the same thing for regular protected entries with /security/friends [or (only on your own journal) /security/private ].

So--comments screened--what are your "friends group"/filter names that I'm in that you would really like to make sure that I've read [or, even if you are neutral on whether or not I read them, that you think I might really like to read].
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