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Looking for a post-doc position HPC or Computational Chemistry? - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
October 5th, 2007
07:03 am


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Looking for a post-doc position HPC or Computational Chemistry?

Location is actually almost any Army research center, not just Aberdeen...Please pass this on to anyone you think might be eligible and interested.  Oh, and as a favor to me and my bank account DO ask them to e-mail me with their interest and resume instead of applying via the web-site.  [ happypete (at) livejournal (dot) com ] will work.  K? Thx.  As a thank you for passing this on, I'll give $150 to you or the charity of your choice if they apply and are hired--make sure they say who sent them to me!

From the posting:  Army research areas require specializations in any of the following computational science areas:

Fluid Dynamics Structural Mechanics Networks & Information Sciences
Molecular Dynamics Materials Sciences Advanced Algorithmic Development
Bioinformatics HPC Enabling Technologies Nanotechnologies
Sensor Modeling Numerical Analysis

Postdoctoral Staff Scientists will be responsible for:
• Conducting basic research with Consortium university partners in Army research project areas
• Communicating to the Consortium the ongoing challenges and various research thrusts at Army Sites and related computational sciences and HPC needs
• Promoting the use of computational technologies and tools and transitioning Consortium research to Army scientists and various Army research sites
• Leading the transition and insertion of the Consortium's research to the Army and promoting HPC education and training opportunities to Army and researchers within their portfolios
• Participating in the education and outreach activities of the Consortium and communicating these activities to Army researchers at Army Sites
• Developing new opportunities to utilize HPC resources and evangelizing the use of computational sciences and engineering by the Army
• Managing their research activities in support of the Army's research objectives

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