Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

There goes that other shoe...

I was worried about these things coming in threes, right? Okay...shoe #1 seems to have basically ended with a good story to laugh about later...maybe much later; story #2, though: where once there was a wedding, now there is none. Not so hot--on many fronts--but better [and I speak from experience here] than other alternatives such as going through with the wedding, and having the other party decide it was a mistake after the fact.

Now, story #3 has shown up: Our friends' landlord arrived unexpectedly, bearing a copy of a summons. The summons named the landlord as a defendant in an action, informing him that his property had been foreclosed, and was going to be auctioned off in early October. Now, the husband of this couple is a voracious reader, as am I. We have absorbed a few bits of the law here and there. Ordinarily, in a sale of real estate, a lease on the property survives the sale--the new owner becomes the new landlord. Okay, went our initial thinking--call the bank and say: "Gee...too bad about the landlord; where should we start sending the checks?"

My friend, however, started reading the code. Apparently a foreclosure "breaks the chain of title." Yikes! Scary-sounding stuff. Basically once the sale is recorded and finalized, formerly legal tenants become tresspassers unless the new owner offers a new lease [which they generally won't]. So, shortly after that, if you don't get out on your own, the Sheriff will come along to help you along. Okay, we're talking a completely unplanned, imminent move involving two grown-ups, four kids, a house full of house-things, a barn full of barn-things, a shed full of shed-things, chickens, guineas, goats, a dog, horses, and...the beat goes on. Yeah, that other shoe really dropped.

Get this though, basically as soon as they started looking they found this gorgeous 5 bedroom farm-house, built in 1912, so it's got that style that you're just not going to get in today's "McMansions"--but looking like it's been remodeled and well taken care of inside and out. It's on over seven acres with a stocked pond with what looks like a "party-sized" dock.

For hundreds less a month than what they are currently paying for the less-well-turned-out [not to mention about-to-be-sold-at-auction] place.

Sometimes this whole shoe-dropping thing just isn't so bad, after all. Their friends--including us--are all going to "turn to" and help get the move done. For Friday, I just need everyone to [send energy/pray/think good thoughts/pinch themselves/pinch someone else/drum/dance/whatever works] that their offer and application going in tomorrow gets accepted.

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