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Chickenses will get eaten

  1. Catch
  2. Drop in cone
  3. Pith with knife point
  4. Bleed with blade
  5. Soak in scalding water
  6. Remove feathers
  7. Cut off feet
  8. Remove viscera [ prettypammie can expand on this...I checked out]
  9. Wash
  10. [Optional] Cut into parts you know how. oddmix_wp' family and Pam, Q, and I converted 14 chickens into future meals. We got to take some home for our efforts. Q also got an extra-special bonus of some time with the kids while I drove Tonka the Tractor home and Pam went shopping. He has truly been a trooper about the broken wrist, and well-behaved [for a seven-year-old] in general. I'm sure he gets exhausted of the routine of barely seeing his parents all week and then seeing no one but his parents all weekend.

Our boarded horse, Tai, had reached his limit these last few weeks. He was clearly in pain, not keeping up with the "herd," despite his best efforts, and starting to have great difficulty getting back up when he went down or rolled. J & W decided it was time; Tai is now at rest. Succeeding him in boarding with us is Eddie the "Escape Artist" from my earlier post about Red and Eddie' excellent off-the-farm adventure. Needless to say, I will be taking extreme precautions around gates until we rotate them into Pasture 4 which does not require access to the driveway.

For those of you who voted or made suggestions in prettypammie's farm name poll, we have reached a decision: Tumble Rock Farm. Boarding space available.
Tags: agriculture, chickens, horses, q

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