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I just scrubbed a bunch of folks from the friends list that never added me back. I kept some people that I just added, some "children of friends" accounts [that are largely benign sock puppets] that I'll continue to keep on the reading list for occasional cute stories, and some friends who I know read my journal--presumably through aggregators of their own choosing instead of the LJ friends view.

In my sleepiness, I may have knocked off more of you than I should have. If this applies to you, for example you're a friend whose LJ-name I may have forgotten, or you had been reading my protected post via an aggregator and thus had no need to "friend" me on LJ, etc., please chime in with a comment [screened for your pleasure] or an e-mail.

I still can't keep up with the friend-list--I'm still missing important updates from people important to me. I can't make every reading of LJ a "deep-dive." There just isn't enough time! The next cut will likely be people who have friended me back, but where the connection has faded overmuch. I may resume using a default view and custom filters for reading, too...but I find that takes time to maintain and tweak, too.
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