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Prezzies, I love prezzies!

For my birthday, billtnva and sew_200e bought me The Complete April Fools' Day RFCs by yesthattom and Peter H. Salus.

Dad also picked out The Sagan Diary as something I might like.

I haven't tried the Diary yet, but I love the RFC collection. I've read almost all of these over the years, but having them collected in one volume that I can hold in my hands, slump on the couch, and consume is just great. I love the anecdote of how Tom and his coeditor asked three net luminaries to write a foreword in parallel. They expected to be turned down by all three--instead, they got three great responses. So, bonus for us readers, they published them all!

Anyway, yesthattom, thanks for bringing this to press. Thanks mom and dad for indulging me in my odd wish-list!

I need a geekin' out icon. zarhooie you're a guru wit' teh icons--care to take a whack at it?
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