Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Finally, the horse horror story

annshh: so... want to tell me what happened with the horsies?
annshh: ;-)
me: i didn't shoo them far enough from the gates when I came home
me: but they were all facing away, so I figured I was okay
me: so I open the gates, and look away for a second, and hear Quinn yell "hey, dad!"
me: Red is charging for the gate and freedom
me: I start to jump for him and Eddie--whom I mistook for Con in the chaos--starts galloping gateward, too
me: I froze for a second trying to figure out which horse to stop
me: and they both got away
annshh: aaaaah... how'd you get them?
me: instead of doing the smart thing
me: and just heading up to the barn and breaking out dinner
me: I took off after them with my tie for a bridle
me: leaving Quinn behind, confused as to what to do
me: the car running
me: the nice neighbors from The Sanctuary took Quinn in hand
me: I ended up almost to Harpers Ferry road
me: brb
me: so, anyway, I chased them on foot for a while, up Sagle road, around some pastures, back in some trails in the woods...
me: finally I came out on another road where a bunch of local horse people had corraled them

To finish out the story, I called J&W and requested emergency assistance. They had just finished a huge horse transportation road-trip, and were no doubt "beat all hollow," but they got to our place, with kids and horse trailer, in faster time than you can usually get a car between our houses from a rolling start.

So, we got to meet some of the local horse people, all the horses were okay. [Red and Eddie definitely got a workout from their long run].

I'll post a Google map annotating the Horse's Excellent Adventure.

Oh, I can't let this story go without adding one extremely proud papa moment. As I was getting moving to go after the horses, one of the last things I saw was Quinn closing the other two horses into the upper pasture, saving me time dealing with gates and showing extremely quick thinking in a crisis. I think my seven-year-old kept his head better than I did.

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