Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

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It's time to go get our landscaping work done...

..before the remnants of Barry hit us.

Sigh...sorry guys, I know I'm using LJ like twitter these days; a real post of substance, with pictures, soon...I promise. Maybe after the gate openers are in...

That perhaps deserves a cell-phone video posting of the opening and closing...Hey, on that note, those of you who have posted videos--what's your opinion of the easiest path from cell-phone to journal for a video? [My phone is a Windows Mobile 2005 PPC, if that helps].

  • Blending in

    When W gets back to us from Tennessee, this young pup will be joining us, becoming a Livestock Guardian Dog for the chickens.

  • Peeking out

    We're looking forward to meeting her, too.

  • New contact picture

    I think Pam's not trained to react to the back side of a phone the same way one responds to a camera.

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