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Down on the farm

prettypammie got a bunch of pictures of me working this big Great Plains "No-Till Drill" or "Seeder." The problems with this thing begin with realizing that you have to unhook the loader so that you can hook up the hydraulic lines. Thankfully J was there to take care of that part. Of course, we realized after the fact that we could have left the loader attached and just unhooked the bucket lines. Oops. Anyway, I'll include a couple above the fold, and then more tractory goodness is below the cut:
Pete troubleshoots the seederTroubleshooting the seeder  [It was troublesome].
The seeder is jammedThe seeder is jammed
Unjamming the seederUnjamming the seeder
Re-attaching the seed hoseRe-attaching the seed hose
Waving for the camera
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