Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Getting back on that horse

prettypammie worked Con and Red in the small ring today--Con is a little gimpy--pretty much normal for him, but Red looked great. For a little strength conditioning and as a cool-down, I took Con up and down the steep driveway to the house. He limped a little and bobbed his head--not happy about the gravel and the slope, no doubt, but he went willingly. He's really quite a good horse.

Then, after Pam finished working Red, I took him for a mini "trail ride" to the end of the driveway and back. He trotted for me when I asked him--but I wasn't able to sit it properly and Pam made me stop before some boy got his back hurt. [I think she was talking about the horse, though]. I probably looked like a bobble-head doll of myself up there. Con went crazy that Red was out of the pasture and off doing fun things with the people. He whinnied and neighed and GALLOPED around the pasture to show his distress. This resulted in a few cases of "bad manners" by Red, when he felt he had to answer, look for, or even go to his buddy. We got that "straightened out," though and had a nice, if brief ride.

In any event, at long last, the "horse property" has actually been used for equitation.
Tags: barn, horse, house, riding

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