Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

My poll

The answer to this poll, interestingly enough, ended up being Ubuntu, not one of the choices I posted. I put the three choices I did up there, because those were the three I could find that appeared to have well-fleshed "HOWTO" docs OTFW. I've got kboot loaded on the PS3 "Other OS" partition, and now I just need to burn a distro-CD and Make It So.

In the meanwhile, though, my laptop is back up and running. Now with a FireWire external drive for "drag-and-drop" backups and big media files, etc., and the USB drive from the salvage company which will eventually be purged and used for scheduled full backups. Can we say "never again" kids?

I got some WoW time in, but then had drama, when the guild master's tone annoyed me and I bolted from the guild in a huff. I love my guild-mates who invited me, but I can deal without the ration of feces I was taking for being a "needy" level 43 rogue. I play for relaxation and recreation. Playing in windowed-mode and constantly thumbing through the web-sites and Atlas just don't appeal to me. It's easy to look down from your perch at level 70 and make judgments. So don't have time for that.

Q has been doing a phenomenal job with his responsibilities for the small critters [the cats]. He also is helping with the big critters [horses] and the dog, who is solidly in-between those two extremes. He has been walking Coal up the hill. He also sat with us in the Vet's office as Coal had his exam, including a blood draw. Having pets means subjecting them to tests and shots, etc., to keep them healthy. He's also been helping out with the newly sorted and divided chores. Great kid. I'll keep him.
Tags: family, horses, pets

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