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I'm still geekin' out about it!

A very tiny fraction of you out there will be extremely excited about this. A few of you may find it mildly interesting as an example of Pete's geekiness. I got my Verizon XV-6700 to support the A2DP Bluetooth Profile via a handy-dandy li'l ole hack on th web.

To mke a long story short:
  1. Copy three DLL's
  2. Run the stub installer
  3. Import the Bluetooth-enabling registry entries
  4. Reset
  5. Enable the profile entries in the pairing
  6. Hit the right hand earpiece button
  7. Listen to Four Bitchin' Babes
  • The unsupported AKUv3.3 release cannot be installed on a "stock" VZW XV-6700 with the 2.07.20 update, despite what the forums tell you. Probably needs to be unlocked in some way that I wasn't willing to risk.
  • The unsupported A2DP fix does work.
  • In fact, IMHO, it works flawlessly with a Motorola HT-820 handset. The only skip I've noticed so far was a little "blip" when I dropped the device in the cable...understandable. Docking with the mothership is traumatic and invasive.
  • That's a couple hours of my life I won't get back, but the music, she is worth it.
  • Oh, TascalRegistryEditor Rules, MobileRegistryEditor drools...not really, but TRE got right past those pesky "permissions" on the WMP registry key, and imported the reg file right off. Handy, that.
  • The registry entries and xml file in the cab were clearly harmless...the .DLL's? Well, hopefully I haven't just installed a "phone" [pardon the pun, folks] home keylogger...but if I have, at least I'll be enjoying the tunes in the meanwhile.


p.s. My data is 98% restored [I lost one PGP Disk that I will miss, but can live without...I suspect that the header with the volums session key was corrupted either by the event itself or a chkdsk during my own recovery attempts.] The long drought is over.

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