Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Wow..completely exhausted.

It's not even seven at night, and I feel like it's midnight.

On the other hand, our first holiday dinner at our house--with all four grandparents, Uncle Jeremy, and Great Uncle Dick and Great Aunt Joyce--was a delightful success. Perhaps the only thing that would have made this day more complete would have been having owenthomas and gregorsf here. We miss you guys, terribly--your gifts and most especially your cards and notes brought you to us in some way. The poem accompanying Gus--the exception to the "no more stuffed animals" policy--had tears coming to my eyes. I understand now, Owen, why you had to have him for Q--he is entirely too cute for words and sooooo soft and cuddly.

Okay, guests downstairs--more later, LJ-land.
Tags: family, holidays, house

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