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RIP, Greg Abbott, artistic director of DramaTech

I got the news yesterday that Greg had passed away, reportedly from an unexpected, unrecoverable heart attack. I had heard no reports that he was ill or having any problems at all--as far as I knew he was still doing his routine of working furiously nine months at DramaTech, and leaving the company in the hands of a student director over the Summer months while he and his family tended their farm in Kansas from before sunup to after dark. While I'm sure that he was "in" stress, I don't think he was "under stress." I'll leave it to the medical professionals to render their verdict, but so far I am chalking this up to "just one of those horrible, terrible things that happen to good people." Some of you out their wonder how I can be such a "militant" atheist. This would be why.

I've been having a bit of a nostalgia trip, thinking about Greg, all my DramaTech friends--and how I've lost touch with essentially all of them over the years.

I spent so many countless hours at DramaTech. DT, Psi Upsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, and [later] the Student Pagan Community were my primary "refuges" when I'd had just about enough of class. I spent so many evenings at DT doing my bit for whatever the next show was. I was always disappointed that I never got cast more than the one small part--but honestly, I'm just not that good an actor.

Here's a picture of me from Fall, 1988, reading during a rehearsal of Dark of the Moon. [I'm in the foreground, facing away from the camera].

Here's another, taken in Winter Quarter, 1989, IIRC, and one of my favorites. If I recall correctly I was an Assistant Stage Manarger under 'Rainy in this show. One of my 1st quarter roommates, Steve Sams, is under my left rabbit ears. I think it's John Stefanik to the far right, with arms around Lorraine. I recognize everyone else, but their inames are escaping me without further reflection.

I'm sorry I can't source the photos any better than "Friends of DramaTech Archives." If the photographer(s) wish to step up and take credit, I'll post it.
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