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Why USAA is the coolest bank ever, still!

If you are or were in the military or are entering into a military officer candidate commissioning program, or your parent was a member, you should join.

Because USAA has always served the global US military community, they have always been the first to offer online and web access, long before it was cool. Because you can't just walk up to a branch at your post in Outer Nowheristan, and your family probably doesn't live in San Antonio, first they offered free US mail deposit envelopes. Then, for those "got to have the money faster" situations, free next day UPS QuickPost envelopes.

Now you can be your own teller with USAA's Deposit @ Home. I just endorsed a check, scanned the front and back using their applet, and the money was immediately available in my account.

Branches? We don't need no steenkin' branches.

Coolest. Bank. Ever.

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